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yaqusabi's Journal

Yasminah Qureshma Saradhi Bin'yaQabud
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Yaqusabi is an RPG fiction community. feel free to join and create characters, they can be from anywhere on earth, as long as they are from the right time period.

Yasmina Qureshma Saradhi bin'yaQabud is a 15 yr old girl living somewhere in arabia unknown time period. If post Islam then VERY soon after the creation of Islam. She is of the local animistic spiritual religion, she speaks a seperate dialect, which only SOUNDS kind of like arabic. The two are not related. She was married when she was 12, but her husband died of a fever one week after the marraige. it was never consumated. She is from a very rich family, which is semi-nomadic, depending where her work takes her, she travels all over the world. She has two jobs, which provide her with a steady source of income and travel all over the world. She is a Shalfabhi (woman who prepares the bride on her wedding night, this job may only be taken by virgins) and a Mudabhi, (a woman, who for the bride, prepares the feet, and other "unclean" areas of the body. this job is usually only taken by widows as others consider themselves to high to do it.)
Her travels take her everywhere where she meets all sorts of people.