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outside teh gates to Macca

The gates of Macca have been guilded and fixed beautifull! a Mosque (Muslim worship place) is being built, but they seem to be friendly about us coming. we ARE the majority!

as for Badr, once Macca was in view, we set up to tattoo him. It was so hard for me!!! He is so adorable and he was crying even befor he knew what would happen. It broke my heart, but I know I need to do this to help him. His father, Dawa, held him down, and his mother stroked his precious forehead, and asked for a small spot there too. Thus we have decided on a double triangle formaion.

I heated a small wire in our fre, and dipped the tip in lamp oil mixed with charcoal, to make it black. The lamp oil was being heated as well.

As I did this, his mother rubbed his hands, feet and face with salt.

I drew the markings on his chin with a stick of coal. Three tiny dots, forming a triangle on his chin. I took the red hot wire, tipped with lamp black oil and quickly pressed each of the dots. Badr screamed, and I could hardly bear it, but I know it is for his own good.

Dawa then closed the child's eyes to prevent sparks from a Djinn inacting a last revenge to blind him, I drew an identical triangle between his brows, and repeated the process and Samira sang to him to sooth him. Then it was over, Samira took up Badr and held him to her chest for suckling, which calmed him a bit.

I do recall an incident wherin a child died during this process. The shock left him so vulnerable to demons that one removed his breath.

Dawa is named for his grandfather, who was an easterner, from the Asian silk trading roads, his name apparently also means "moon." It is very fitting.

Badr now has six raised, black dots, they make him look like a little man.
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