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Painful job

This morning, I have been asked to apply Badr's first facial tattoos. We use it so that the evil eye will not attack him because of his beauty. After all, I was the one who applied his henna for beauty, and the djinn will surely be jealous.

I am simply burning three sall dots, in the shape of a triangle on his chin. They are teh first tattoos I ever recieved. However, as a girl, I recieved them much later, and I remember the experience. It was rather painful, and I cried for hours! Then when the blisters rose, I crid even more. However, there was a nothe firl in the camp, who recieved tatoos of the dots on each cheek and a coin sized circle on her chin. I remember that it was coin sized because it was burned by dipping a coin in lamp oil, and heating it and placing it on her chin. I count myself as fortunate not to have that. It must have hurt terribly. However, she has far better luck than I do. But as a boy, I doubt Badr needs such extensive tattooing.

I will update you on the process in a little while. I am a bout to do it, and I need to concentrate.
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