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Yasminah Qureshma Saradhi Bin'yaQabud's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Yasminah Qureshma Saradhi Bin'yaQabud

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Young, Hip, and Muslim? [22 Aug 2006|12:04am]

Salaam Aleykoom!

I'm a young American Muslim who is sick and tired of only hearing about Islam in headlines. So I've started a new line of clothing and gifts that is geared towards young, modern Muslims who are ready to make their own headlines. Some political, some funny, some religious, and lots of ARABIC! So check it out, please spread the word if you dig it, and check in periodically for new designs.

And if you like it, WEAR IT WITH PRIDE!

American Muslim

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outside teh gates to Macca [19 Apr 2003|04:14pm]

[ mood | relieved ]

The gates of Macca have been guilded and fixed beautifull! a Mosque (Muslim worship place) is being built, but they seem to be friendly about us coming. we ARE the majority!

as for Badr, once Macca was in view, we set up to tattoo him. It was so hard for me!!! He is so adorable and he was crying even befor he knew what would happen. It broke my heart, but I know I need to do this to help him. His father, Dawa, held him down, and his mother stroked his precious forehead, and asked for a small spot there too. Thus we have decided on a double triangle formaion.

I heated a small wire in our fre, and dipped the tip in lamp oil mixed with charcoal, to make it black. The lamp oil was being heated as well.

As I did this, his mother rubbed his hands, feet and face with salt.

I drew the markings on his chin with a stick of coal. Three tiny dots, forming a triangle on his chin. I took the red hot wire, tipped with lamp black oil and quickly pressed each of the dots. Badr screamed, and I could hardly bear it, but I know it is for his own good.

Dawa then closed the child's eyes to prevent sparks from a Djinn inacting a last revenge to blind him, I drew an identical triangle between his brows, and repeated the process and Samira sang to him to sooth him. Then it was over, Samira took up Badr and held him to her chest for suckling, which calmed him a bit.

I do recall an incident wherin a child died during this process. The shock left him so vulnerable to demons that one removed his breath.

Dawa is named for his grandfather, who was an easterner, from the Asian silk trading roads, his name apparently also means "moon." It is very fitting.

Badr now has six raised, black dots, they make him look like a little man.

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Painful job [19 Apr 2003|09:49am]

[ mood | nervous ]

This morning, I have been asked to apply Badr's first facial tattoos. We use it so that the evil eye will not attack him because of his beauty. After all, I was the one who applied his henna for beauty, and the djinn will surely be jealous.

I am simply burning three sall dots, in the shape of a triangle on his chin. They are teh first tattoos I ever recieved. However, as a girl, I recieved them much later, and I remember the experience. It was rather painful, and I cried for hours! Then when the blisters rose, I crid even more. However, there was a nothe firl in the camp, who recieved tatoos of the dots on each cheek and a coin sized circle on her chin. I remember that it was coin sized because it was burned by dipping a coin in lamp oil, and heating it and placing it on her chin. I count myself as fortunate not to have that. It must have hurt terribly. However, she has far better luck than I do. But as a boy, I doubt Badr needs such extensive tattooing.

I will update you on the process in a little while. I am a bout to do it, and I need to concentrate.

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Macca [18 Apr 2003|09:05pm]

Tomorrow my sister, her husband, Badr and I are all traveling to Macca for pilgrimage. Technically, we are already on route, but we will not arrive untill tomorrow afternoon.

I keep finding Muslims who are traveling there too...it is quite fascinating.
Anyway, we are hoping to recieve the Ka'aba's blessing for Badr.

Wish me luck
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My nephew has been named [24 Feb 2003|05:27pm]

My sister has named her baby boy "Badr" meaning full moon. while it was not full on his day of birth, it was upon the conception and she believes that her prayers to the goddess of women (and the moon) granted her fertility. I dont like the sound of the name, but as she says "give credit where credit is due."

She is planning on making a pilgrimage to the Ka'aba at mecca to thank the gods for their grace. I have told her about the Submittants, but she expects that they are just a small cult, not large enough to worry about. I am not too sure. I plan on attending with her. I will pray for the safe return of our caravans, and the safety of Badr.
I was asked to apply a poultice of henna, water, egg, and flour to his navel to ensure that he grows to be beautiful and wealthy. I was only too pleased to do so. Likewise I have painted henna on Samira for protection against the evil eye, and have given her a matching amulet made of blue glass. I gave Badr a small amulet of rounded blue glass also and hennaed a matching pattern on his hand.

I find it a pity that the wedding I just returned from was in winter and not summer. Our summer camp is in Medina, and I would not have needed to miss Badr's birthday! Oh well.

Mecca is only a half day's ride, which is a shock, because we never go there, it is so run down, except for the Ka'aba, I do not know when we will leave.

Oh! and lastly, there was a sandal wood merchant coming by, he should be arriving tonight.
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home sweet home! [22 Feb 2003|01:26pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I have arrived back at my home camp which is WONDERFUL!!! I have missed having a bed. That is one terrible disadvantage to traveling all the time. My younger sister, Samira, who was married only 9 months ago is showing the marraige quite clearly! She has a wonderful little baby to show for it!It is the CUTEST thing. he was actually born only 3 days ago! I am sad that I missed it. But they havent named him yet. Samira is so proud of her marraige and child (thus she is OFFICIALLY unavailable) that she has started wearing Niqaab (facial covering) to indicate her wish to share her beauty only with her husband. My brother has just LEFT on the caravan trail with my father, uncles and cousins. What a pity.

time to relax

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about the submittants [20 Feb 2003|07:16pm]

Someone later told me that it is impolite to call them the "submittants," since they speak arabic, they should be called by their arabic name. Muslims. They call their religion "Islam." Its concepts still baffle me.

BUT their women dress like ours do (covered head, and often covered face) and how they pray is kind of like us. Except they pray towards a rock in Mecca. but they have told me, they do not worship it, like we do. its strange. we pray towards it too, but we worship it. they dont. strange. I am confused.

I am nearly back at my home camp and should be there by morning.
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[20 Feb 2003|08:48am]

While on the trail, I met a young woman (older than me however) named Izdihar, I dont know much about her, except the rather fantastically odd story about her family. Seems as though we are opposites. my husband died after marraige, and hers left before! at least she doesnt seem too ditraught over it.
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celebration of the submitants [20 Feb 2003|08:42am]

I have been on the trail again and I ran into another group of tents. we decided to share our food and bargain our goods and enjoy each other's company.

After an initial confusion due to language barriers, we were able to converse

they had with them the most succulent meal I have ever seen!!!

they were cooking freshly slaughtered mutton, vegetables, couscous, all with a sweet dipping sauce. On the side they had flat breads and sweet breads to finish the meal..They also brought with them flasks of water. The water was salty but fresh, and they said it was from a well known as "Zamzam" in the broken down city of mecca. They speak of creating a great city there!

When I brought my wine to share with them, they politely rejected it, except for three of them. 2 were Jews, and one was a Christian. The rest are of an odd religion and call themselves the "Submittants"

They speak of a prophet, for whom they are always wishing peace, and they (like the Jews and Christians and Zoroastrians) speak of solely one god.

they do not intake 'intoxicants' as they call wine, nor pork, nor meat which is not slaughtered by them or by a Jew.

what is perhaps most confusing is there insistance to use arabic in certain portions of their speech, such as when expressing a desire, or happiness, or shock.
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riding [29 Nov 2002|11:00pm]

i was riding last night, on my way from a wedding. You see, i have two jobs, I am the brides preparer, and the wedding bands henna artist. Both jobs are left to widows. See a widow is ill fortune, and thus only she is immune to other ill fortunes. for example, in preparing the bride, I must wash her feet, the feet touch the ground and ar e often bare, so a djinn could easily seep through the sand and enter through her feet. The middle of the sole is a soft spot, where (like the palm of the hand or the soft spot on a baby's head) an evil djinn could easily enter and steal the soul of the victim! They often chose their victims by beauty, so that they can attract other victims to feed their children. but djinns can easily be protected against by rubbing those spots with salt and a hard stone called a "maj'heed." However, few are brave enough to touch this spot and risk possession themselves. But I am a widow am immune. What djinn would want to be carried by one whose misfortune bars her from society! It is my duty to wash the bride's feet with salt and rub it with the maj'heed. of course, not all of the guests are so fortunate as to be washed for protection,so as the henna artist, i paint the quests even in the ports for Djinns, often with words of protection. I paint in a circle, weavingg out ancient words, Durum, Dekem, Dalam. They begin and end with the same letters and follow the same voweld, so a djinn will be woven in circles untill it cannot enter its victim.
I may not henna my hands at a festival, although i may when on my own.

As i rode to my encampment, the markings on my hands almost looked like henna, and i could only smile. i have marked on my hands, feet and head, all my ports, the signs that a widow must bea. They were branded from my husbands cremation fire. They are they marks of my religion, to protect my from further misfortune. I bit my lip and cried when my father-in-law applied them, but now I am grateful, I never need to worry as i walk barefoot in the desert, and upon this realization i started dancing and singing under th moon, yelling "leyli haii leyli! Te Majda!!!!" Night, night, thank you. for only Leyli, night, the goddess of the moon and women, could have offered my such thoughts as i rode home, the party behind me.
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beginnings [30 Sep 2002|02:52pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Saraam. hello. My full name is Yasminah Qureshma Saradhi bin'yaQabud, but only the first three parts are my name. any of them applies to me. Right now, i am traveling to a wedding party in Medina, for the preparation of the bride. I have my attendants with me and I am sure that I shall meet interesting people in my travels. I hope some of them speak my language, and can communicate with me, as it can be quite lonely out here. Well, thats all I suppose.


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