Karma Singdruktsho (kunde_yidang) wrote in yaqusabi,
Karma Singdruktsho

My nephew has been named

My sister has named her baby boy "Badr" meaning full moon. while it was not full on his day of birth, it was upon the conception and she believes that her prayers to the goddess of women (and the moon) granted her fertility. I dont like the sound of the name, but as she says "give credit where credit is due."

She is planning on making a pilgrimage to the Ka'aba at mecca to thank the gods for their grace. I have told her about the Submittants, but she expects that they are just a small cult, not large enough to worry about. I am not too sure. I plan on attending with her. I will pray for the safe return of our caravans, and the safety of Badr.
I was asked to apply a poultice of henna, water, egg, and flour to his navel to ensure that he grows to be beautiful and wealthy. I was only too pleased to do so. Likewise I have painted henna on Samira for protection against the evil eye, and have given her a matching amulet made of blue glass. I gave Badr a small amulet of rounded blue glass also and hennaed a matching pattern on his hand.

I find it a pity that the wedding I just returned from was in winter and not summer. Our summer camp is in Medina, and I would not have needed to miss Badr's birthday! Oh well.

Mecca is only a half day's ride, which is a shock, because we never go there, it is so run down, except for the Ka'aba, I do not know when we will leave.

Oh! and lastly, there was a sandal wood merchant coming by, he should be arriving tonight.
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