Karma Singdruktsho (kunde_yidang) wrote in yaqusabi,
Karma Singdruktsho

celebration of the submitants

I have been on the trail again and I ran into another group of tents. we decided to share our food and bargain our goods and enjoy each other's company.

After an initial confusion due to language barriers, we were able to converse

they had with them the most succulent meal I have ever seen!!!

they were cooking freshly slaughtered mutton, vegetables, couscous, all with a sweet dipping sauce. On the side they had flat breads and sweet breads to finish the meal..They also brought with them flasks of water. The water was salty but fresh, and they said it was from a well known as "Zamzam" in the broken down city of mecca. They speak of creating a great city there!

When I brought my wine to share with them, they politely rejected it, except for three of them. 2 were Jews, and one was a Christian. The rest are of an odd religion and call themselves the "Submittants"

They speak of a prophet, for whom they are always wishing peace, and they (like the Jews and Christians and Zoroastrians) speak of solely one god.

they do not intake 'intoxicants' as they call wine, nor pork, nor meat which is not slaughtered by them or by a Jew.

what is perhaps most confusing is there insistance to use arabic in certain portions of their speech, such as when expressing a desire, or happiness, or shock.
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